GEOMETRICS COMBO SET: 17 Fonts + 2,000 Vector Designs

$52 $259

Click through the posters above to see what's included with this set.

THIS SET INCLUDES 17 FONTS: Over 2,900 designs in OTF, WOFF, WOFF2 font formats and over 2,000 companion design vectors. PDF key maps and showings for every design in the set.

FONTS & VECTORS IN SET: Bursts, Bursts 2, Bursts 3, Bursts 4, Pinwheels, Pinwheels 2, Rounds, Rounds Bold, Spirals, Spirals Bold, Squares, Squares Bold, Stars, Stars 2, Stars 3, Suns, Suns Bold.

Basic license is good for use for 1-5 users, get additional savings for even more users. Licensed for any use other than re-releasing as fonts or as vector outlines. License covers use on websites with no pageview limitations. Contact us if you need a discount price for more than 100 users.

This download is 54 MB

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