6,500 unique vector designs just released, you're sure to find one that's perfect for your next project!

9,700 unique design elements you can use with only a keystroke in our 56 icon, symbol, dingbat & cuts font sets. To get our best price get them all.

One single design in this collection can become the basis for your next logo or T-shirt. Animate them, extrude them in a 3D program, use them as end-slugs, typographic flourishes, graphic keys in a presentation, on a map or in a chart—the possibilities are endless.


A favorite of savvy design pros world-wide

Since the release of our first four fonts in 1994, Altemus Collection designs have been a secret ingredient found in the font menus of designers at top magazines, book publishers, broadcasters, agencies and studios world-wide.

This collection features unique dingbats, icons, printers cuts, picture fonts, rules and symbols, all curated and drawn over two decades by icon-master Altemus.


Use them in all your favorite graphics programs

All the fonts and vectors are perfect for use in Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, 3D programs and many more.

You can even type them into text in programs like Microsoft Word that allow OpenType features—and the fonts are all cross-platform.


Save time and money

Anyone from professional designers and web developers to entrepreneurs and newsletter publishers, will find exactly what they want.

With over 9,700 unique designs, categorized and delivered as thematic fonts, such as Bursts, Cuts, Flowers, Kitchen, Spirals or Stars, this design resource can help you deliver memorable creative solutions, quickly.



We've done all the work for you

You could spend your time trying to craft any one of the thousands of designs you will get in the Altemus Collection, but why bother with all that work?

We've curated this collection, to craft just the right bursts, stars, symbols, cuts and icons, think of our geometrics as presets. All of the designs are crafted to add punch from text to poster

For a fraction of a penny each, you can instantly have any one of these designs available to spark up your next project, and still have an endlessly useful library for your future uses.


Thousands already sold

These fonts have traditionally been sold for $22 each at major font resellers, now we are directly offering the entire collection at an amazing 80% discount off of standard retail price. Combine a vector set with your purchase to save even more.

New web fonts

Web font versions (WOFF & WOFF2) of each font and every font in the collection are available, with no page-view limitations.

Money back guarantee

Our money-back guarantee; if, within 30 days of purchase, you are dissatisfied, we will refund the entire purchase price.



382-page design index with full showings & key maps

When you purchase our full collection you'll get our Altemus Collection Design Index 5.0, a 382-page PDF as a bonus.  Its an indispensable resource, perfect for finding and refining your design choices and great for brainstorming, it's a $25 value on its own.

The design index includes a showing and key map for every character in every font in the collection along with their related vector designs, so selecting, searching and using our fonts or vectors has never been easier.

We can't offer this full index with the purchase of our sub-sets, but don't worry, each of our sets comes with PDF index pages for the fonts and vectors in that set.



Buy the whole collection to get our best price, or get one of our great sets!

For our best price, you'll want to get the full 56 fonts & 6,500 companion vector designs in our combo collection for $128, that's an amazing 85% off the full retail price of $853!

If you want to fine-tune selections, buy one of our great sub-sets listed below, and still get a discount, 80% off the standard retail price of our single fonts sold on major online font resellers.

Full Altemus Collection; 56 fonts & 6,500 vectors for $128

Borders & Rules Set; 11 fonts & 1,100 vectors for $69

Cuts Set; 13 fonts & 1,900 vectors for $83

Devices Set; 8 fonts & 800 vectors for $51

Geometrics Set; 17 fonts & 2,000 vectors for $109

Organics Set; 7 fonts & 700 vectors for $45

Organics Set; 13 fonts & 1,700 vectors for $84



Complete Altemus Collection
• 56 fonts: over 9,700 designs in cross platform OTF format
BONUS 1 All 56 fonts: in webfont formats
BONUS 2 Over 6,600 individual design vectors
BONUS 3 382-page Index PDF

Below are oneline samples that show a hand-full of each and every font's 174 characters.

Arabesques: font + 64 vectors
“Altemus Birds: font + 175 vectors
Altemus Birds Birds 2: font + 43 vectors
“Altemus Borders: font + 87 vectors
Borders 3: font + 19 vectors
Borders 4: font + 52 vectors
Bursts: font + 173 vectors
Bursts 2: font + 175 vectors
Bursts 3: font + 158 vectors
Bursts 4: font + 150 vectors
Checks: font + 132 vectors
Checks 2: font + 183 vectors
Corners: font + 40 vectors
Crosses: font + 139 vectors
Cuts: font + 159 vectors
Altemus Cuts Cuts 2: font + 124 vectors
Altemus Cuts 2 Cuts 3: font + 117 vectors
Altemus Cuts 3 Dingbats: font + 95 vectors
Altemus Dingbats Flowers: font + 100 vectors
Altemus Flowers Games: font + 212 vectors
Altemus Games Games 2: font + 178 vectors
Altemus Games 2 Hands: font + 249 vectors
Altemus Hands Holidays 1: font + 264 vectors
Altemus Holidays 1 Kitchen: font + 164 vectors
Altemus Kitchen Leaves: font + 41 vectors
Altemus Leaves Leaves 2: font + 40 vectors
Altemus Leaves 2 Pinwheels: font + 150 vectors
Altemus Pinwheels Pinwheels 2: font + 150 vectors
Altemus Pinwheels 2 Pointers: font: + 40 vectors
Altemus Pointers Pointers Bold: font + 40 vectors
Altemus Pointers Bold Rays: font + 96 vectors
Altemus Rays Rays Bold: font + 97 vectors
Altemus Rays Bold Rough Cuts: font + 98 vectors
Altemus Rough Cuts Rounds: font + 72 vectors
Altemus Rounds Rounds Bold: font + 72 vectors
Altemus Rounds Bold Rules: font + 135 vectors
Altemus Rules Rules 2: font + 135 vectors
Altemus Rules 2 Rules 3: font + 54 vectors
Altemus Rules 3 Rules 4: font +246 vectors
Altemus Rules 4 Security: font + 110 vectors
Altemus Security Shields: font + 159 vectors
Altemus Shields Spirals: font + 86 vectors
Altemus Spirals Spirals Bold: font + 86 vectors
Altemus Spirals Bold Sports: font + 224 vectors
Altemus Sports Sports 2: font + 224 vectors
Altemus Sports 2 Squares: font + 43 vectors
Altemus Squares Squares Bold: font + 43 vectors
Altemus Squares Bold Stars: font + 174 vectors
Altemus Stars Stars 2: font + 173 vectors
Altemus Stars 2 Stars 3: font + 173 vectors
Altemus Stars 3 Suns: font + 129 vectors
Altemus Suns Suns Bold: font + 129 vectors
Tool Kit
: font + 129 vectors
Altemus Tool Kit Tool Kit 2: font+ 129 vectors
Altemus Tool Kit 2 Web Icons: font + 193 vectors
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