FULL COLLECTION COMBO SET: 56 Fonts & 6,500 Vector Designs

$153 $853

Click through the posters above to see what's included with this set.

THIS SET INCLUDES:  Over 800 companion design vectors for under than a penny each. PDF showings for every design.

BONUS: Altemus Collection Design Index 5.0, a 382-page PDF that Includes a showing and key map for every character in every font in the collection along with showings of their related vector designs.

FONTS & VECTORS IN THIS SET: 139 Crosses, 95 Dingbats, 40 Pointers, 40 Pointers Bold, 96 Rays, 97 Rays Bold, 159 Shields, 193 Web Icons.

Basic license is good for use for 1-5 users, get additional savings for even more users. Licensed for any use other than re-releasing as fonts or as vector outlines. License covers use on websites with no pageview limitations. Contact us if you need a discount price for more than 100 users.

This download is 230 MB

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